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Military Families Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where will my child attend school?
A. Students will attend school in their attendance zone, which is based on the home address. If the parent knows the street address of their residence, they may log on to the EPISD website, under the schools tab, and input their address information and the computer will tell them what school they belong at.
Q. Can my child attend an on post school if we live off post?
A. Yes, conditionally under the EPISD transfer policy. Parents may request a Pupil Transfer Request for the campus they wish to attend. The Pupil Transfer Request form may be accessed at any EPISD campus or online at Pupil Services.
Q. Can the school district accommodate students with special needs?
A. Yes.
Q. How many days can a student be absent from school?
A. The State of Texas requires that all students attend school for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered, otherwise the student will not receive credit for the class. For exact number of days due to different academic scheduling, please check with your student's school administration.
Q. Is Pre-Kindergarten available?
A. Pre-Kindergarten is available for eligible students. Students must be four years of age and meet certain criteria. The criteria is available at Pupil Services.
Q. What is the age requirement for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten?
A. The age requirement for Pre-Kindergarten is 4 years of age as of September 1st of the year they are enrolling, and 5 years of age as of September 1st of the year they are enrolling for Kindergarten. A child can be enrolled in Kindergarten if the child's birth date is after September 1st but was enrolled in a US public school. This does not apply to parochial/private schools.
Q. What are the immunization requirements?
A. Please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services at:
Q. What documents are required for registration?
A. Birth Certificate, Vaccination Record, Social Security card (if available), Records from Previous School (if applicable), proof of residency or an approved transfer request, parent picture ID.
Q. Is bus transportation provided?
A. Bus transportation is provided for students who live two or more miles from their home campus (based on the attendance zone in which their home is located); or is a hazardous condition as defined by state law [see CNA(LEGAL)]; or is a student who resides within two miles of his or her assigned campus and who must cross Interstate 10 or US 54 going from his or her home to his or her assigned campus. Students that are on a Pupil Transfer Request do not qualify for transportation.
Q. Is Texas a signatory to the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunity for Military Children?
A. Texas is a signatory to the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunity for Military Children.
Q. What resources are available for military families, both on the campus and on the District level?
A. Log on to the EPISD website, under the Military tab for information.
Q. What are the uniform requirements?
A. There are currently twenty-nine elementary schools and all sixteen middle schools that require a uniform. They are: Alta Vista Elementary, Aoy Elementary, Barron Elementary, Beall Elementary, Bliss Elementary, Burleson Elementary, Burnet Elementary, Clardy Elementary, Clendenin Elementary, Coldwell Elementary, Cooley Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Crosby Elementary, Douglass Elementary, Dowell Elementary, Fannin Elementary, Hart Elementary, Hawkins Elementary, Johnson Elementary, Lamar Elementary, Lee Elementary, MacArthur Intermediate, Moreno Elementary, Moye Elementary, Newman Elementary, Putnam Elementary, Rusk Elementary, Travis Elementary, Zavala Elementary, Armendariz Middle, Bassett Middle, Brown Middle, Charles Middle, Guillen Middle, Henderson Middle, Hornedo Middle, Lincoln Middle, Morehead Middle, Richardson Middle, Ross Middle, Terrace Hills Middle, and Wiggs Middle Schools. (Please check with the individual campus for specific uniform information.)
Q. What special programs are available for high school students?

A. There are several programs available at our high schools to include Advance Placement and Dual Credit courses at all high schools. The magnet programs available are as follows:

  • Austin H.S. - The Sandra Day O'Connor Criminal Justice/Public Service Academy
  • Bowie H.S. - International Business Academy
  • Chapin H.S. - Pre-engineering Program
  • Coronado H.S. - The International Baccalaureate Program
  • El Paso H.S. - Dual Language (Connecting Worlds/ MundosUnidos)
  • Jefferson H.S. - Silva Health Magnet High

More information on our Magnet Schools can be found here.

Q. Is there a school supply list for students?
A. Supply lists are available at most elementary campuses through their web page. Teachers at the secondary school level have a list of supplies for their classrooms which are given to students the first week of school.

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