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    EPISD continues to provide a comprehensive benefit package to its employees, with competitive, affordable, and quality healthcare offered by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas - Active Care (TRS-AC) and other basic benefit plans offering vision care, dental care, disability, life insurance coverage, and the iLock 360 Identity Theft Protection Plan.

    In addition, as your employer, EPISD can offer certain tax-advantaged benefit plans that makes payroll deduction a tax-saving opportunity.

    This website provides you with a comprehensive look, with some links directly to our Third Party Administrators (TCG Benefits), so that you can view your options and to assist you in making an informed decision about EPISD's benefits.

    EPISD Employee Benefits moved away from TEAMS Online and uses BenefitSolver for benefit selections, benefit history, benefit summaries, and online enrollment.

    The following links will allow you to view your PLAN YEAR BENEFIT SUMMARY, Plan Documents, Network Provider Lists, Short videos that help explain various benefit plans, links to Plan Provider websites, and much more…

    Employees currently enrolled in benefits, click here to view:

    • Individual Benefit Summary
    • To Enroll during Open Enrollment
    • To View more Benefit Plan Information

    For a preview of EPISD's Benefit Plans, click on the following link:

    Managing your health means making the right choices every day. Be informed. Choose well, and you will have benefits that meet you and your family's needs. Use well, and you will save money and make most of your benefits throughout the year.
    We encourage you to utilize EPISD's Employee Benefit website regularly and stay informed on all the benefits available to you from health insurance to wellness activities to supplemental retirement planning and so much more.

    Stay Well!

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