How to Access the EPISD Parent Portal

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    How to create the Parent Portal for currently enrolled or previously enrolled students in EPISD.

    • Creating your parent portal Please have your student's ID # available in order to create the parent portal account. 
    • Need help or have questions? Contact your child's school, click here for the school directory.


    The EPISD parent portal provides parents or guardians with online access to information on their EPISD-enrolled students in near real-time. Parents or guardians will be able to view their student’s attendance, classroom assignments, and grades; additional information will be added to the portal over time. Parents or guardians will also be able to contact teachers directly by e-mail and set up notifications for missing homework, failing grades, etc. It’s a great tool to have available with lots of benefits. 

    Have questions or need help with the Parent Portal? Contact your child's school

    Click here for the school directory

    How do parents register?

    How to complete the Online Registration for currently enrolled or previously enrolled students in EPISD.

    1. When logging into the online registration parents or guardians will use the parent portal login information and password.  Please be sure to select the school year your student will be enrolling into at an EPISD school. 
    2. Click here to start the online process

    After completing your student’s online registration and uploading all required documents, parent or guardian can reach out to the campus directly or set up an appointment to finish the process.  Go to your student’s campus website, click on the registration tab and book an appointment with the appropriate staff. 

    What does this mean for parents?

    The parent portal provides specific information on student assignments, class participation, quizzes, tests, and overall academic progress. Parents will be very informed about the academic activities of their children, and thus be able to be more involved as a result. The portal also facilitates better communication with teachers, and could well change the frequency and dynamics of parent-teacher conferences over time. Teacher e-mail addresses will soon be provided within the portal and parents are encouraged to use this communication tool, of course maintaining a professional level of dialogue.

    Who do parents call with questions?

    Click here for phone numbers for each campus. Many campuses are also offering computer access for those parents who need it.

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