Mission Statement

  • Transforming the education of EPISD students with systems that enable and manage, as well as the infrastructure that makes it possible. Technology Services requires this transformational work to be accomplished with professional values and uncompromising ethical standards.

    Goals and Objecives:

    Goal 1: Provide and maintain devices and infrastructure that support the educational frameworks of EPISD and optimize the commensurate learning opportunities.

    Objective 1: Prepare and support the distribution of student laptops and iPads within the PowerUp 1:1 initiative.

    Objective 2: Build out campus WLAN to adequately support large-scale demand for wireless network service from student devices.

    Objective 3: Prepare, deliver, and support the distribution of teacher and administrator devices necessary to accomplish EPISD’s educational objectives.

    Goal 2: Develop and/or support instructional as well as administrative applications used by the District to accomplish its educational goals.

    Objective 1: Develop and maintain in-house applications that enhance student education and the business processes that support student learning.

    Objective 2: Develop and maintain data interfaces between District and third party systems.

    Objective 3: Understand and support Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) system processes while facilitating their alignment with EPISD business practices.

    Goal 3: Identify and implement security systems and practices that protect the District from external threats as well as high risk user behaviors.

    Objective 1: Establish user access processes that mitigate attacks on credentials and the infection of end unit devices.

    Objective 2: Build data classification and management practices to prioritize and protect District information from unauthorized access and extraction.

    Objective 3: Continually strengthen network perimeter defenses to protect against potential malicious attacks.

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