Financial Aid

  • FAFSA is connected with the Pell Grant and Student Loans.  Most colleges will ask you to complete this for any type of scholarship or financial aid.


    Begining for the graduating class of 2022 FAFSA is a requirement for graduation.

    The class of 2022, current juniors, under Texas state law have a new graduation requirement to fulfill.  All students will be required, under Texas law, to complete the FAFSA for a graduation requirement.  Please share this story out with your juniors so that they are aware now.  There is no downside to completing the FAFSA and most colleges require it be done.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    CLICK HERE For FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The student and any parent or guardian that is on the income tax claiming the student will need an ID Number
    CLICK HERE The FAFSA Application opens each year on October 1 do not attempt to do it before this date.  It should be completed as soon as possible, however the Texas absolute deadline is January 15 and for the rest of the US is March 15.
    CLICK HERE TASFA is available for students who are not documented or for some reason cannot do FAFSA.  It also opens October 1 and most schools require a hard copy with signatures.
    CLICK HERE Certain schools may also ask for the CSS Profile.  This application is much more detailed than FAFSA