2021-2022 Dress Code Policy

  • 2022-2023

    Dress Code Policy

    Please read the Student Handbook for all information. 


    • Students can wear khaki, black, blue, or grey slacks and jeans. Slacks and jeans cannot have any tears or holes in them even if they have fabric behind them. The jeans should be school appropriate.
    • Shorts and skirts are allowed, but must be an appropriate length (below the finger-tips).
    • Leggings underneath skirts must be a solid black color.
    • Long socks must be a solid school color.


    • 6th grade students wear black polo shirts.
    • All elementary, 7th, and 8th graders wear white and red polo shirts.
    • Jackets and hoodies worn during school hours must be a solid school color: red, white, grey or black.
    • Jackets and hoodies worn during school hours cannot have any writing, patterns, images or logos other than the MacArthur logo.
    • T-shirts or any type of shirt is not allowed to be worn over the polo shirt.
    • Heavier jackets worn in the winter must be taken off during school hours and placed in the student's locker or left in the classroom.  


    • Other dress code rules still pertain. (Please review the student handbook for a full list).
      • No colored hair
      • No facial piercings
      • No gauges in the ear
    • Spirit Days are as follows:
    • Wednesday is College T-shirt Day. (The goal is to foster a discussion on college options among students and faculty.) We encourage students to wear their college t-shirt even if they are learning from home. To be fair, MacArthur Spirit Day on Fridays will be discontinued until all students are back on campus together. We will announce a MacArthur spirit week throughout the semester.
    • Our goal in having and enforcing a uniform is to promote an atmosphere of learning where students are valued for their strengths and promote positive interactions among students while exhibiting pride in MacArthur. We would also like to ask for your help.  Please donate polo shirts and pants that are in good shape and washed that your children no longer need. 

    Thank you for your support,


    Rose Ann Martinez, Principal

    Gen. Douglas MacArthur PreK-8th

    915 236-0625