• EPISD will be changing the password of any student who is currently using their birthday as their password on their EPISD issued device. Please note that students will not be able to login to their device or accounts without this new password. 

    The student's new password will be their name backwards with the @010 (Campus Number)
    If student is from the Magnet campus their new password should end with @010A
    1. Take only the alphabetical characters of the left-most part of the student's email address (everything before the @ sign). This is known as the userID
      usrID   campus grade status newpwd
      jvela07136   010 12 change alevj@010
      fvelas7646   010 11 change salevf@010
      mvasqu0990   010A 10 change uqsavm@010A
    1. Invert the letters 
    jvela -----> alevj
    fvelas7646 ----> salevf
    mvasqu0990 -----> uqsavm
          3. Add @ and campus TEA code to the end adding leading zeros to have 3 digits
    jvela -----> alevj@010
    fvelas7646 ----> salevf@010
    mvasqu0990 -----> uqsavm@010A

Laptop & Application LogIn Update

  • Episd has a new single signon application for students. This means that students can not access Student Portal, Schoology, etc until this update is done! All students 6th – 12th who still have their birthday password will need to complete the following process in order to access EPISD applications.

    1. Log Into the Laptop
      • Student use their current password (DOB)
    2. Complete the following single sign on update
    3. Document your new Username & Password
      • Part of the process asks you to change your password, security questions, and add some other information
      • WRITE DOWN your Username, Password, and Security Question Answer some where you will remember!
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.