Franklin Student Parking & Passes

  • FHS Parking Application

    All students must have a FHS parking pass to park on Franklin property! 

    1. Complete the Parking Application 

    CLICK HERE to complete the FHS Parking Application

    2. Pick up your parking pass from the FHS Main Campus Attendance Office



    1. Student must have a valid TEXAS drivers license and liability insurance.
    2. Parking permit is for vehicle registered on this form only. There will be a small charge for lost permits. In the event, 
        you purchase another vehicle, permit is no longer valid. 
    3. If you drive more than one vehicle, each vehicle must be registered.
    4. Permit is invalid if given to another person. 
    5. All parking is on first come basis.
    6. No reckless or careless driving in the parking lots.
    7. Students are to park in designated student parking areas only. 
    8. Parking against any curb is prohibited.

    1st  Warning
    2nd Withdrawal of parking privileges for 2 weeks & notifications of parents
    3rd Withdrawal of parking privileges for the semester & notification of parent
    4th Loss of Parking Permit and Privileges FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, notification of parent , report to EPISD Police.


    Franklin Student Parking is located in the HIGHLIGHTED sections below: