Traffic Citation & Sandra Bland Act (Complaints or Compliments)

  • Complaint or Compliment

    The members of the EPISD Police Department are committed to creating a safe educational environment and protecting the future by providing a diverse level of service, utilizing focused problem solving techniques and embracing lasting partnerships. The close working relationships with the community enable the police department to achieve an appropriate level of professionalism and establish public confidence in law enforcement. The Department, therefore, demands a high standard of conduct and discipline from all its employees (uniform and civilian) in order to preserve the necessary trust and confidence within the district and community we serve. As a result, the Department will accept all comments about an employee’s conduct or performance whether it is to commend or complain.

    When a citizen feels that an employee of the Department acted improperly, that citizen is encouraged to contact the Internal Affairs Division to discuss or report the complaint. Timely complaints will be thoroughly investigated by Internal Affairs because the Department takes all complaints seriously. We have a commitment to the community and understand that the services the police provide are directly related to the quality of our relationship with the people we serve.


    Filing a Formal Complaint

    A formal complaint may be lodged with Internal Affairs or with any supervisor in the police department, who will then forward the complaint to Internal Affairs. A formal complaint is a written allegation against an employee of the Department that could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. State law requires that complaints against police officers be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint.

    Persons complaining by e-mail or orally will be requested to submit their complaint in writing with their signature affixed and will be provided the appropriate affidavit form.  The Complaint Affidavit can be sent via mail or dropped off in person at Internal Affairs or left with any police supervisor at the EPISD Police Services.  Please note that the Complaint Affidavit needs to be notarized, this can be done at EPISD Police Services.

    All complaints will have a preliminary investigation conducted by Internal Affairs to determine if the employee has violated a law or a departmental policy, procedure, rule or regulation during the incident. A complaint will not be investigated if the evidence determines no violation and such will be explained to the complainant. A complaint also will not be investigated if it is barred by time limitations and such will be explained to the complainant.

    If a complaint cannot be investigated, Internal Affairs will retain the information in its files and the Department will consider if non-disciplinary action is necessary.