• Dear Parents/Students:
    The El Paso Independent School District, and this campus, complies with accessibility laws as enforced by the Office of Civil Rights and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements. We have provided for employees, students, applicants or parents, procedures which preserve the rights and responsibilities of those individuals regarding accessibility to curriculum, programs and services. These policies and procedures are available to you on the EPISD website, or by visiting the campus' administrative office. For your convenience, the following summarizes the accessibility information.

    Your child's campus has a written accessibility plan and identified pathway of accessibility to ensure that students, parents and employees with disabilities have access to and an opportunity to participate in the general education curriculum, including the school's programs and services. Procedures are outlined in district bulletins.
    The written accessibility plan and accessible pathway is provided to affected parents and students at the beginning of each year with enrollment materials.

    Please call the school if you have any questions.


    Chapin Par Access Letter

    Chapin Par Accessibility Plan