• Mission Statement

    Healthy Habits: Live them. Teach them.

    Vision Statement

    To be recognized as facilitating a generational behavior change towards healthy choices and an active lifestyle.

    El Paso Independent School District's program is based on an eight-component model. This model allows our district to attend to not only the academic knowledge base of its students, but also their social, physical and mental health needs. In other words, their Health Literacy. This differentiates us from other programs in the state that focus on just nutrition and physical activity. Although these are paramount concerns, they only address the physical aspect of health whereas issues dealing with social and emotional health can also affect a student's ability to learn and perform.

    All 74 of our elementary and middle schools, including alternative campuses, have a working wellness team with a stipend wellness leader. Their responsibilities in detail are included in every school's Campus Improvement Plan (CIP), which correlates directly with the District's goal and objectives.