• This message is for Lundy parents that want their student to attend Hornedo next year but do not live in Hornedo boundries (i.e.,those that currently attend Lundy on a transfer).

    New transfer requests will be accepted starting this Friday, March 5th. Please log into your Parent Portal account ASAP and click on the Transfer Request tab making sure you are entering the 2021-2022 school year to place your request. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR CHILD IS CURRENTLY ON A TRANSFER IT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY ROLLOVER TO THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. A NEW TRANSFER REQUEST MUST BE ENTERED IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND HORNEDO.

    Transfers are accepted based on capacity and in the order in which they are received. We want ALL our Polk, Tippin, and Lundy 5th graders to have the opportunity to come to Hornedo with their classmates, so please process your transfer request as close to March 5th as possible. Transfer requests received in late spring and summer could result in your student being placed on a waiting list as we receive many requests from other EPISD schools as well as other districts and private schools in our area. Thank you -- We look forward to seeing your children next school year!