Current Plan Year 2022/2023

  • The online enrollment module is FFEnroll. FFEnroll is available through any internet connection and you do not need to log into EPISD to access the enrollment site:

    Feel free to log in now and review your current benefits. You can view your benefit summary once you have logged in.

    FFEnroll contains all the summary plan documents for all the benefits offered by EPISD and provider lists as applicable for the Dental and Vision Plans, and can be viewed by clicking on the icon at the top right side of the Home Screen.

    One final note, almost every employee now carries a smartphone, which allows Employee Benefits to make social media posts and text messaging part of our open enrollment toolkit. Do this now! Go to myepisd and update your Communication Preferences by scrolling down to Employee Services and clicking on Employee/Change Contact Info:
    employee services

    Update your Cell Phone and Alternative email. It’s quick and easy and will allow you to get a TEXT message about updates real time. While you are there, verify your address and update as needed.

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