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  • Pre-K Eligibility

    1. Check the eligibility requirements.
    2. If your child is eligible for this current school year 2022-23,
      complete the online enrollment.
      For the next school year, 2023-24, click here
    3. You will need to take the required documents to the school.
    4. Complete the registration process at the PreK campus your child will attend.
    5. Visit the campus for assistance.


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  • Pre-K 3 Campuses

    The following campuses will host a free half-day Pre-K 3 program for the 2023-24 school year:

    Free for all students; 1/2 Day

    Central East Location

    Central South Locations

    Northeast Locations 
    Sunrise Mountain

    Westside Locations
    Haskins PK-8 
    Murphree PK-8 

    The following campuses will host a FULL-day Pre-K 3 program for the 2023-24 school year:

    Central East Locations:
    Cielo Vista

    Central South Locations

    Northeast Locations 

    Westside Locations
    Zach White
    Western Hills


    El Paso ISD offers:

    • Free half-day Pre-K 3 for all 3-year-olds (qualifiers and non-qualifiers)
    • Free full-day Pre-K 3 for qualifying 3-year-olds
    • Parents with 3-year-olds not eligible for free all-day pre-kindergarten can pay $275 per month tuition to attend all day.  
  • Full Day Pre-K 4Available at all Elementary Campuses

  • Documents you will need to present

    You need to bring these documents to get your child enrolled in PreK: 

    • Your Child’s Birth Certificate 
    • Proof of Address (Gas, Water or Electric Bill, or Military Housing Orders) 
    • Your Child’s Immunization Record 
    • Your Child’s Social Security Card* 

    *(If your child does not have a Social Security Card, they can still enroll.)  

    In the military? If you are enrolling your child using the military criteria, you will need to provide: 

    • A copy of the DOD Photo ID for the child 
    • A copy of the State of Service Form or A copy of the Death Certificate, 
    • A copy of the Purple Heart orders or a copy of the Line of Duty Determination documentation 
    • A copy of appropriate documentation for the service member who is missing in action 
    • A letter from the Department of Family and Protective Services indicating conservatorship 

    If your student qualifies for PreK, they will be eligible for the entire school year. Once enrolled, your child should begin at the assigned school.  
    Do not submit fake documents. It is against the law, and could make your child ineligible for our programs.

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  • Pre-K Eligibility Requirements

    Is your child going to be 3 or 4 years old by September 1?
    Qualifying and non-qualifying students will be accepted for the PreK-4 program if the child is 4 by September 1.

    El Paso ISD is the only district in the region to offer free half-day Pre-K 3 to all students. Free full-day Pre-K 3 is available for qualifying students. Those who do not qualify for free, full-day Pre-K 3 can pay $275 monthly tuition.

    All Pre-K 3 students must meet one of the following eligibility requirements.  

    • Does not speak or understand English
    • Eligible for the Free or Reduced – Price Lunch Program
    • Homeless
    • Has a parent that is active duty military or active duty reserve, click here for more information
    • Is or ever has been in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services following an adversary hearing
    • Has a parent that was an active duty member of the armed forces, state military forces or reserve component who was injured or killed while serving on active duty
    • Is the child of a person eligible for the Star of Texas Award as: a peace officer under Texas Government Code §3106.002, a firefighter under Texas Government Code §3106.003 an emergency medical first responder under Texas Government Code §3106.004