• The Roddenberry Planetarium hosts two types of shows: School and Public. While we strive to make everyone’s visit an enjoyable experience, there are a few simple rules we ask all visitors to abide by, depending on the type of show they are attending.   

    Please be aware that the planetarium is a very dark environment, and all visitors are asked to remain in their seats throughout the duration of the program. If you must get up to leave, you may not be readmitted for the remainder of the program.  

    Each show typically lasts between 45 minutes and one hour.  

    Here are the rules for each type of show:  

    School Show:

    • Please complete any “Pre-show” activities prior to attending The Roddenberry Planetarium 
    • Unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, we strongly urge all school groups to leave backpacks and other school materials on campus and not to bring them to The Roddenberry Planetarium  
    • When your bus arrives, please stay seated until a Planetarium employee comes to greet you
    • No Food or Drinks are allowed in the Planetarium  
    • All electronic devices must be turned off during the show 
    • Teachers will be stationed at the ends of the aisles to monitor their classes 
    • Please stay seated until you are asked to exit the planetarium and return to your buses 
    • Disruptive students will be asked to leave the show and not be allowed back in 


    Public Show:

    The Roddenberry Planetarium strives to make every visitor's experience a memorable one.  While we welcome everyone, the shows are best enjoyed by children in third grade or later. Disruptive children or adults will be asked to leave and not be readmitted. The programs at The Roddenberry may contain loud noises and flashing lights. Please be aware of this if you or your children are upset by these stimuli. 

    • Please have your tickets ready for faster admission (See the website eventbrite.com for ticketing) 
    • No Food or Drinks allowed in the Planetarium 
    • All electronic devices must be turned off during the show 
    • Parents/Guardians are expected to monitor their children at all times 
    • Minors (under the age of 17) are not allowed inside the planetarium without a parent or legal guardian. 

    The public is asked to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their scheduled show.