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EOC Makeup Testing

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    EOC Makeup Testing Student Information VIDEO 


    If you were absent for one or more EOCs or 8th grade STAAR tests last year, you will take a test in a few weeks to assess your progress and whether or not you will need additional tutoring this year for the upcoming EOC exams. This test is called BOY (Beginning of Year) and only for those who were absent last year for the exam(s).  

    The outcome of this test will determine if you will be placed in a tutoring program called Accelerated Instruction.

    • If you pass the BOY – No tutoring required
    • If you fail the BOY - The Texas Education Agency mandates that any student that does not pass the BOY be given 30 hours of tutoring per failed test. This tutoring would be during the instructional day, and would help you meet academic success.

    Even though the BOY test will not determine your STAAR/EOC scores, it will help us know what tools and skills to help you with for the upcoming EOC tests.  

    We want you to be prepared for the BOY and try your hardest and do your best, so here is a link to practice for it. There are multiple released EOC & STAAR tests here, and here are instructions on how to use the practice tests.

    Click here (if your browser doesn’t allow, simply type this into the search bar: