Icons, Homepage & Footer

  • Homepage Content Layout should not be altered

    The main content on the homepage consists of multiple Blackboard apps.

    • News Headlines & Features App

    Content should be managed by each school with campus content. Accent Image must be the correct dimensions

    Headlines Accent Images: 396px X 217px

    Please use this Blackboard resizing tool to resize your image. 

    • Videos of the Week Embed Code App

    Optional - may be personalized with campus content if videos are updated weekly. Contact Gabriela Warren for assistance in setting up your video.  Videos: 396px X 217px

    • Twitter feed Embed Code App

    Campus feed may replace District feed

    • Calendar Upcoming Events App

    Content should be personlized by each school with campus events



    The bottom portion of the website is the footer. The footer will have the same items as the header, along with additional information such as the school’s address, main phone number, and social media icons. The social media icons will link to your school’s social media pages or the district’s social media pages. If you would like to include your campus social media instead of the district, please send Community Engagement your official account name or url and we will post it to your site.




    • Channels must not be renamed or reordered
    • Global icons must not be renamed, removed or reordered
    • District shared apps must remain on the school's homepage
    • Standard Quick Links must not be altered
    1. EPISD Online Library  https://elpaso.tlcdelivers.com/?config=episd#section=home
    2. How to Enroll  https://www.episd.org/register
    3. School Cash Online https://www.episd.org/Page/9516
    4. Transcript Requests  https://episd.scriborder.com/



    • Content on the homepage should be balanced
    • Limit vertical scrolling. Not everything belongs on the homepage
    • Use consistent image size for apps such as headlines & features
    • Hide blank sections and pages
    • Broken links should be fixed or removed
    • Limit the homepage Upcoming Events to six
    • Use only black and campus template default color on text.
    • Do not use background images
    • Clipart and copyrighted images are prohibited
    • Headshot photos should be professional (no Facebook profile photos)
    • Keep contact information current