Benchmark 1: School Design

  • A. Mentor/Induction program plans
    B. Annual training/professional development plan
    C. P-TECH leadership meeting agendas and notes


Benchmark 2: Target Population

Benchmark 3: Strategic Alliances

Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

  • A. Four-year crosswalk document
    B. Master Schedule
    C. Curriculum alignment documents
    D. Testing calendar and schedule for TSI, ACT, SAT or other assessments 
    E. Course of study examples 

Benchmark 5: Work-Based Learning

Benchmark 6: Student Support

  • A. Bridge program calendar and curricula
    B. Tutoring and other intervention/remediation program schedules
    C. Calendar of family outreach events
    D. Schedule of counseling/advisory events