Background Check Process

  • for contracted employees/vendors

    All contracted employees/vendors who will have continuing duties (more than one day) related to contracted services and the duties will be performed on an occupied and/or unoccupied District site, are subject to a national background check review before engaging in work for the District.

    Contracted employees/vendors are required to follow the District’s national background check vetting process as outlined below:

    1. Option 1 Texas-based contractors that provide care or care placement services will need to fingerprint their employees who have access to students. After a contracted employee/vendor has completed the fingerprint process the contractor must submit the Service Contractor Certification form to
    2. Option 2 Private contractors that do not meet the NCPA criteria to access criminal history must conduct their fingerprinting through EPISD using the Local Education Entity (LEE) Fast Pass Option using the IdentoGo form. After the fingerprinting is complete, the contracting entity must complete a National Fingerprint Background Review form and email it to Human Resources at Human Resources will review, approve, and notify the contracting entity.

    All forms needed to complete a national background review may be found on the following links:

    1. District Background Check Process
    2. IdentoGO Form
    3. National Fingerprint Background Review
    4. Service Contractor Certification


    If you have questions regarding the national background review, you can contact