What is Opportunity Culture (OC)?

  • The Opportunity Culture initiative helps to extend the reach of excellent teachers and their teams to more students, for more pay, within recurring budgets. Yearlong, paid residencies make on-the-job learning possible before teaching and leading.

    • Teachers lead the way

    Each El Paso ISD Opportunity Culture school has created a team of teachers and school leaders to design Opportunity Culture models around their individual school needs. 

    • More students are reached with excellent teaching

    Multi-classroom Leaders reach more students directly or by leading teaching teams. Team Teachers get the support they need to deliver excellent instruction to students consistently. 

    • Large, permanent pay supplements

    Opportunity Culture stipends are funded through existing budgets - ensuring sustainability.  

    • Protected, school-day planning and collaboration time

    Through creative scheduling, teams have protected, in-school time to collaborate, plan, and improve instruction.

    • Accountability matches responsibilities. 

    Teachers can focus on their best subjects and roles with more students, with accountability matching what they take on. 

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