• TEA Documentation

    Benchmark 1: School Design

    A. Mentor/Induction program plans

    B. Annual training/professional development plan

    C. P-TECH leadership meeting agendas and notes

    1. Coordinator Presentation

    Benchmark 2: Target Population

    A. Admission policy and enrollment application

    1. Application
    2. Admission Policy
    3. Online Enrollment Steps

    B. Recruitment and enrollment plan 

    1. 2021-2022 Timeline
    2. EPISD Program Guide
    3. P-TECH Recruitment Video

    C. Brochures and marketing 

    1. P-TECH Flyer
    2. P-TECH Flyer Spanish
    3. P-TECH PowerPoint

    D. Communication plan 

    Benchmark 3: Strategic Alliances

    A. Meeting agendas and minutes, with action items and decision logs

    1. Planning Agenda
    2. Coordinator/Counselors/Principals Presentation
    3. Site Visit Agenda
    4. Feeder Pattern Meeting Agenda
    5. CIT Meeting Agenda
    6. PTECH Meeting Agenda
    7. PTECH Team Meeting Agenda

    B. MOU's with industry partner/business 

    C. Articulation agreement with IHE

    1. IHE Articulation Agreement
    2. The Interlocal Agreement

    D. List of strategic partners 

    1. Leadership Team List/Role
    2. Agenda Date

    Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

    A. Four-year crosswalk document

    1. Crosswalk with Prerequisites and Endorsements

    B. Master Schedule

    C. Curriculum alignment documents

    1. Crosswalk Master Schedule

    D. Testing calendar and schedule for TSI, ACT, SAT or other assessments 

    E. Course of study examples 

    Benchmark 5: Work-Based Learning

    A. Work-based learning experiences 

    B. Regional high demand occupation list

    1. State Wide Target Occupation
    2. Top Career Clusters
    3. Hot Jobs

    C. Student data in work-based learning experiences 

    D. Samples of student artifacts 

    Benchmark 6: Student Support

    A. Bridge program calendar and curricula

    B. Tutoring and other intervention/remediation program schedules

    C. Calendar of family outreach events

    D. Schedule of counseling/advisory events