• PCR COVID testing now available for EPISD students, employees

    The District has begun offering students and employees molecular (PCR) testing for COVID in an additional effort to help curb the spread of the virus in the region. PCR testing is available on top of the antigen (rapid) testing that has been happening in the District for months.

    Both PCR and rapid testing will be available to any EPISD student and employee who needs it at 16 different testing sites located throughout the District.

    EPISD COVID 19 testing locations and schedule are as follows:




    Andress HS, 5400 Sun Valley

    Former band room

    Wednesdays 7 to 11 AM

    Austin HS, 3500 Memphis

    Portable 740

    Fridays 1 to 4:30 PM

    Bowie HS, 801 S. San Marcial

    Fine Arts auditorium lobby

    Mondays 1 to 4:30 PM

    Burges HS, 7800 Edgemere

    Second vacant JROTC room

    Fridays 1 to 4:30 PM

    Chapin HS, 7000 Dyer

    Portable 16

    Tuesdays 1 to 4:30 PM

    Coronado HS, 100 Champions

    Portable 22

    Wednesdays 1 to 4:30 PM

    El Paso HS, 800 E. Schuster

    Portable 3

    Mondays 7:30 to 11 AM

    Franklin HS, 900 N. Resler

    Portable 2

    Thursdays 1 to 4:30 PM

    Irvin HS, 9465 Roanoke

    Portable 8

    Wednesdays 1 to 4:30 PM

    Armendariz MS, 2231 Arizona

    Isolation room

    Fridays 7:30 to 11 AM

    Canyon Hills MS, 8930 Eclipse

    Isolation room

    Tuesdays 7:30 to 11 AM

    EPISD Admin, 1014 N. Stanton

    Employee clinic

    Mondays 7:30 to 11 AM

    Charles MS, 4909 Trojan


    Thursdays 7:30 to 11 AM

    Cooley ES, 107 N. Collingsworth

    Room 125

    Fridays 7:30 to 11 AM

    Hornedo MS, 6101 High Ridge

    Library classroom

    Wednesdays 7 to 11 AM

    To participate, students need to have written consent from their parents or legal guardian, and children ages 8 and under must have a parent present at the time of testing. Employees who wish to be tested must fill out an online consent form that was emailed to them from CrisisGo.    

    For more information on EPISD’s COVID 19 procedures, including frequently asked questions, the reopening plan and links to vaccination options, visit www.episd.org/covid19.

    Story by Gustavo Reveles

COVID Testing in EPISD

  • The El Paso Independent School District conducts on-campus COVID testing of students and staff determined through contact tracing to have had high-risk exposure to an infected person while on campus. Those individuals who qualify for on-campus testing are notified of their testing options via a high-risk exposure letter. 
    The District has trained testing teams at every campus as well as administrative offices. The teams are trained to conduct rapid testing based on the District's COVID protocols. 
    Additionally, the District has trained athletic coaches and trainers for appropriate testing procedures that include testing before and after team travel. 
    Parents and staff who need COVID testing but were not determined to have had high-risk exposure at a school or District office can find testing site using the City of El Paso's testing website here: epstrong.org/testing
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