• Be sure to have the new school request an Official Transcript from Jefferson High School upon Enrollment.

    Questions or concerns about the withdrawal process?  Contact Registrar E.Noemi Gonzales, Jefferson High School

    (915) 236-7420 

Student Withdrawal Procedures

  • Parents, please bring your picture ID, name and address of the new school, and any items belonging to Jefferson High School. It is also highly recommended that the student be present to assist in collecting grades and teachers' signatures.

    Parents or adult students will need to complete the following steps

    • Report to Jefferson Registrar's Office to sign required documents
    • Parents/ Adult Student must return laptop, textbooks, library books, uniforms, technology, etc.
    • Obtain clearance from the following school personnel  - Attendance Clerk, Business Agent, Librarian, Graduation Coach, Counselor, Nurse, Lunchroom, Bookroom Clerk
    • Students will need to collect current grades and signatures from teachers