Frequently Asked Questions


    • What are Surplus Properties?

    District property that has been declared by the Board of Trustees not needed for educational purposes and may be placed for sale. (CDB Local).


    • How do I bid on a Surplus Property?

    Real Property will be sold to the highest bidder through an electronic e-Procurement system called E-Bid. For assistance with vendor registration, contact the Procurement & School Resource Department at 915-230-3100, Monday-Friday, 8:30- 4:30 p.m. Or through their website click here. The highest bid, exceeding or meeting the appraised value, will be presented to the Board for approval.


    • How can I visit a Surplus Property?

    At the time the surplus property is put out to bid, site visits will be incorporated into the bid. The properties will not be available at any other time.


    • When will the surplus properties be put out to bid?

    Staff is working on preparing the surplus properties to go out to bid. Properties that are surplus due to a bond-related school closure will have a public meeting prior to going out to bid. Bids will be posted here