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    EPISD Schoology Vision

    You may have noticed that EPISD is moving towards a more modern way of teaching students, away from the traditional industrial age lecture based methods of the past. From our PowerUP 1:1 device rollouts at both high school and middle schools, to new and innovative classroom design and programs such as New Tech and Dual Language, the district is turning into an organization based on the needs of our modern learners.  
    Our school board created a roadmap in 2015 called EPISD 2020, which envisions a district with modern learning environments for everyone, modern techniques for our teachers to use, and modern tools for our students to learn with. Since then, the district has moved quickly forward with many of the items called for in the EPISD 2020 plan. For teachers and students,  this means new tools, both online, and off, such as laptops, iPads, and digital textbooks. Schoology is part of that tool set.  
    Schoology allows teachers and students to do things that were never available before districtwide. For instance, teachers can post all of their lesson notes and resources in a single place for all of their classes. They can create online quizzes that can be scored automatically for instance feedback. Teachers can conduct online discussions and get feedback from all students. The student now has access to their learning 24 hours a day. Even if they miss a class, they can still access the materials for that day, online, without skipping a beat. Students can even work collaboratively on projects, across classes, and across campuses.  
    Schoology allows for learning to be blended as well, mixing face-to-face classroom discussion as well as online learning. Teachers may have heard the term "Flipped" classroom, where the background material is presented online, and the actual work on the concept takes place in class, essentially flipping the current model where homework is done after school hours, often in isolation.  
    Perhaps most importantly, Schoology will allow us to create personalized learning opportunities for our students. If a student has mastered a concept, they will be able to move ahead. Struggling students will be able to find remedial resources that they can concentrate on. Advanced students will be able to create a plan of learning that best suits their needs.    
    Modern learning environments are part of the EPISD 2020 long term vision. Combined with modern tools such as our 1:1 laptops, and modern teaching techniques, and personalized learning,  Schoology is a major part of that overall vision to make EPISD a truly innovative, leading edge district.  

    What is Schoology?

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