During June of 2017, all EPISD campuses participated in a trainer-of-trainer sessions designed to showcase the basics of Schoology. Campus teams were made up of up to 8 members, including your campus administrator, an Assistant Principal, a campus Active Learning Leader, and teachers that have already explored Schoology with basic accounts.  
    These trainings included how to:  

    • log onto Schoology,  
    • create a profile,  
    • create a course,  
    • Join groups  
    • add materials to a course  
    • create an assignment 

    as well as and some of the more in depth features of Schoology. 

     These campus teams will train all EPISD teachers in Schoology during the first week back from the Summer 2017 break. On August 18, all campuses will have access to all courses, which will be preloaded with students.  


    The initial training will be followed up by more in-depth training for teachers that need it. This schedule will be posted the closer we get to the school year. 

     In the meantime, you can go to the Schoology website for self-directed training:  


    You can also go to Atomic Learning and take a short course on the basics of Schoology:  


    Log in at https://atomiclearning.com/login/episd 


    Here is our timeline for rolling out Schoology in EPISD:  



    Click here to download Schoology Rollout Timeline


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