• Dear EPISD Schoology User,  

    Good news—we’re now moving to Schoology (pronounced: Skoo’-luh-jee) district-wide! If you are a Schoology Basic user, you might already be familiar with this award-winning learning management system. El Paso’s implementation of Schoology is designed to improve your Schoology experience: 

    Schoology will be available for all staff starting June 8, 2017. Starting June 8, you will log into Schoology using your district credentials.  

    What Will Happen To My Content?  

    If your account was associated to your @episd.org email, your existing Courses, Groups and Resources will be moved from Schoology Basic to the El Paso ISD Schoology Enterprise Environment. We recommend saving Course Materials to the Resource Center for future Sections of your Courses if you aren’t doing this already.  

    If your account was associated to a non-district email address, you may merge your Basic account into your El Paso ISD by following the directions in our Help Center article, How Do I Merge Accounts?, in your El Paso ISD Schoology Enterprise Environment. 

    If you are using a Schoology Course with students now, you may notice those courses in your Schoology account. In the future, all course listings and student rosters will automatically import from TEAMS.  

    How Do I Log Into My El Paso ISD Schoology Account? 

    Starting June 8 you will start logging in to your teacher account following these steps:  

    1. In your browser, navigate to https://episd.schoology.com 
    2. Enter your El Paso ISD username and password. 
    3. To troubleshoot login issues, email Chris Sherman ccsherma@episd.org.

    How Do I Learn More About Schoology? 

    To learn more, you can: 

    • Visit Schoology Support to access Schoology Help Guides 
    • Visit the Schoology Blog to read about feature updates and best practices 
    • Log into Atomic Learning and Search “Schoology” 
    • All Campuses will have a basic training the week they come back to school 

    We think you will find that Schoology is intuitive and user-friendly. If you have any questions or concerns about how to begin using it in your classroom, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


    Your EPISD Schoology Implementation Team