24 Hour Police Patrol

  • The EPISD Police Department deploys patrol officers into all geographic areas of the city. Patrol officers are responsible for providing police services for more than 100 schools, facilities and administrative buildings. Most patrol officers are deployed directly into evening and graveyard shifts and work with school staff to keep El Paso schools safe. Additionally, officers respond to calls for service at secondary campuses. Last year, the EPISD police responded to more than 10,000 calls for service and alarm calls. This is almost as many as most municipal agencies.

    Typical duties

    • Maintain law and order at District facilities, including prevention and control of incidents of violence directed against EPISD facilities, personnel or students.
    • Contact and cooperate with local law enforcement agencies in the prevention, control, and investigation of antisocial or illegal activities directed against EPISD facilities, personnel, or students.
    • Apprehend and interview persons suspected of committing or attempting to commit crimes affecting EPISD facilities, personnel, or students.
    • Investigate crimes affecting EPISD facilities, personnel, or special protective duties as directed.
    • Observe, collect, preserve, and record physical and oral evidence of crimes, including fingerprints. Enforce violations of Texas Vehicle Code, Penal Code, and violations of city, county, state and federal law and statutes.
    • Determine the class of crime - modus operandi, the extent of loss, damage, or injury and analyze information in order to solve or reduce the incidence of criminal acts involving EPISD personnel, or students.
    • Receive and respond to communication with police officers and campus security.
    • Identify, locate and interview witnesses.
    • Attempt to locate and recover stolen property.
    • Prepare reports regarding crimes against EPISD property and offenses against EPISD personnel or students.
    • Patrol, stake out, and respond to intrusion alarm reports at EPISD schools, offices, and other facilities.
    • Attend and participate in hearings and trials of suspects.
    • Inform EPISD personnel about security measures.
    • Serve civil processes for the EPISD.
    • Attend public events as a speaker on matters relating to the Police Department.
    • Act as law enforcement liaison between EPISD schools and offices and juvenile courts, probation offices and local law enforcement agencies.