Safe and Secure Schools

  • Manuel Chavira is the Safe & Secure Schools Manager and has been with the District for two-and-a-half years after serving 31 years with the El Paso Fire Department. He is now responsible for all emergency planning activities in the District including prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities as part of the Emergency Operations Plan. He provides training and instruction along with site drills and exercises at all 95 campuses as part of the preparedness aspect of the plan.

    While with the EPFD, he served in every capacity of the Fire Service from Emergency Operations and Suppression activities, to Code Enforcement, Arson/origin and Cause Investigations, Training, and Aviation Suppression activities. He served on the inaugural Hazardous Materials Task Force and initiated, trained and implemented the first ever Special Rescue Team for the El Paso Fire Department including High Angle, Confined Space and Trench Rescue Operations. He maintains his Master Firefighter certification and is a state certified Emergency Medical Technician. He served the last nine years as Assistant Fire Chief in charge of budgeting, procurement, and administration of the El Paso Fire Department. He served as interim Fire Chief from December 2008 until April 2009 assuming all command and administrative responsibilities of the Department. Manuel holds several degrees including an Associate degree in Fire Technology from El Paso Community College, a Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies from the University of TX at El Paso, and a Master degree in Public Administration (core concentration in Urban and Regional Planning), also from UTEP. He continues to ensure all campuses have and are familiar with the District's Emergency Operations plan and works with local Public Safety entities to ensure the safety and security of our children, faculty and staff through a collaborative community effort.  He administers and monitors all safety and compliance aspects of the TX Education Code Chapter 37.108 relative to emergency preparedness activities at all campuses and non-instructional facilities.

    For questions related to School Safety in your area or campus contact the EPISD-Police Department at (915) 230-2525.

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