Counseling Referral Network

      Social Workers Working with CIGNA

      • Social Workers Working with CIGNA

        Group Practice Emergence Health Network
        Please verify EAP Cigna/UNUM coverage with provider.  

        Ruben Moreno MSSW 915-559-4900  
        Norma W. Reed MSW 915-542-1582
        Christian Skertchly MSW 915-559-4900  
        Cynthia Gutierrez MSW 915-747-9510  
        Martha Domingez MSSW 915-545-7055  
        Lorena Valles, MSW 915-542-1582  
        Sara Polk, MSW, LCSW 915-747-3510  
        Laurel W. Lord MSW, LCSW 915-887-3410  
        Jesus E. Valenzuela 915-544-0772
        Arturo Acosta MSW LCSW 915-351-4431  
        Liliana Cordero MA, LPC 915-559-4900  
        Marcela A. Jimenez MRC 915-559-4900  
        Guadalupe Pena MA, LPC 915-887-3410  
        Mayra Arreola, MS, LPC 915-747-3510  
        Peter Garcia, MA LPC 915-887-3410
        Candelaria Harris, MA, LCDC 915-887-3410
        Tricia Stallings, MS, LPC 915-887-3410
        Maria Orta, MC LPC 915-217-7914
        Mabel Y Rosales, MA, LCDC 915-999-9540  
        Hilar C. Hernandez, MA, LCDC 915-275-4062  


        Psychologist Working with CIGNA EAP

        Juan C. Contreras, PHD, LP 915-525-3425

      Mental Health

      • Local Mental Health Assistance

        Please verify EAP Cigna/UNUM coverage with provider. 

        Alcoholics Anonymous 

        Mr. Kim Ekola or Susan Babenco         562-4081 or 525-5425
        Alternatives Centre for Behavioral Health Jennifer Villareal  757-7999 ext:112
        Bienvivir Senior Health Services  Carlos Pacheco

        562-3444 ext. 2802
        FAX 566-2351

        Biofeedback & Stress Management Center/Elizabeth Young, LPC Lori Meshurle

        FAX 594-8415

        Day Break Neruromuscular Stress & Pain Relief Clinic  Crystal Perales 433-2236
        El Paso Center For Children Home Program  Rosalie Montoya 564-1713 ext. 174
        El Paso Rehabilitation Center  Carlos Gomez or Maria Lugo

        FAX 496-0751

        Southwest Wellness Clinic  Keith Roseman 633-6200
        University Behavioral Center (NCED Mental Health Center)  Jim Houlahan

        373-7535 or 544-4000
        FAX 532-0733

        UNUM Behavioral Health
        Health Advocate

      Virtual Telehealth Options