• Intersession


    The district has assigned intersession tutoring to any student who meets any of the following criteria:


                   Any students who needs to complete tutoring hours for HB-4545,

      Any student who has not taken or not passed an EOC exam,

      Any student who is failing a core class at the end of the first 9-weeks,

      Or any student who is currently enrolled in an Edgenuity class.

      Additionally, some students have been invited to take part in an Accelerated Bootcamp    



    If your student meets any of the above criteria, please plan to have them attend the intersession tutoring days. We will be having tutoring Monday – Friday, October 3 – 7, from 8:30 – 12:30 at El Paso High School.


    Both breakfast and lunch will be served through our cafeteria and most regular bus routes will be in operation.


    If you have questions about whether or not your student needs to attend intersession, please contact us at El Paso High School.