Educational Aide Process

  • Students are eligible to receive the Educational Aide I Licensure by completing the following as outlined by the State Board for Educator Certification.

    §230.55. Certification Requirements for Educational Aide I

    An applicant for an educational aide I certificate shall meet the requirements in either paragraphs (1) and (2) of this section or paragraphs (3) and (4) of this section as follows:

    (1) hold a high school diploma, the equivalent of a high school diploma, or higher; and

    (2) have experience working with students or parents as approved by the employing superintendent. Experience may be working in church-related schools, day camps, youth groups, private schools, licensed daycare centers, or similar experiences; or

    (3) be a high school student 18 years of age or older; and

    (4) have a final grade of 70 or better in two or more education and training courses specified in Chapter 130, Subchapter E, of this title (relating to Education and Training) for three or more credits verified in writing by the superintendent of the district where the credits were earned. The education and training courses must include either:

    (A) Instructional Practices, as described in §130.164 of this title (relating to Instructional Practices (Two Credits), Adopted 2015); or

    (B) Practicum in Education and Training, as described in §130.165 of this title (relating to Practicum in Education and Training (Two Credits), Adopted 2015)

    EPISD Process

    Step 1 - CDL Teachers must submit a list of eligible students (based on the requirements listed above) via the IBC Voucher Request Process.

    Step 2 - CDL Teachers must meet with eligible students prior to graduation to review the Educational Aide I requirements and gather contact information (phone number and email address) to be able to communicate during the Certification Attainment Process.

    Step 3 - CDL Teachers must select a date after graduation and prior to June 24th, 2022 to host a Certification Workshop with eligible students in their classroom and inform CTE of the Workshop date.

    Step 4 - CDL Teachers must communicate with eligible students after graduation to secure an official transcript from their home campus.

    Step 5 - On the Certification Workshop date, CTE will assist the CDL Teacher in providing instruction to eligible students on the creation of their unique Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) user account. Upon the TEAL account creation, eligible students will complete the online application and formally apply for the Educational Aide I Certification.

    Step 6 - After the online application is reviewed by TEA students will receive email communication regarding the fingerprinting process. CDL Teachers will coordinate and assist eligible students with the fingerprinting process including securing transportation and payment from CTE.

    Step 7 - Upon completion of the fingerprinting process and final review of the online application, applying students will receive official notice from TEA of Certification. CDL Teachers will then download a copy of the official Texas Educator Certificate and upload it via Eduthings (IBC Reporting Process) on or before June 30th, 2022.


    Student Process

    Students must complete the following Steps to create their TEA Login (TEAL) and apply for their license during the Certification Workshop (See Step 5 above).