• Zach White does not have a uniform, but students are required to follow the dress code.

    DRESS CODE - Students are expected to dress appropriately at school.

    • Any form of dress or hairstyle considered contrary to good hygiene, destructive or disruptive in appearance, causing a detrimental effect on classroom instruction will not be permitted.
    • Clothing and accessories that depict alcohol, drugs, skulls, rock groups, gang affiliation, or any obscene or questionable material are not allowed.
    • Torn clothing/jeans are not allowed.
    • Oversized (baggy) clothing is not allowed.
    • No spaghetti strap tops, bareback tops, or midriff blouses.
    • Shorts must be appropriate. (Arm Length)
      • Students must wear appropriate shoes. For safety reasons, tennis shoes are highly recommended for P.E. Tennis shoes with wheels are not permitted.