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    Use the following resources to study for the STAAR Algebra I exam.

    All Released Items - This link will take you to the TEA website where all of the released tests are available along with the answer keys.  Scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will find the Algebra I tests.

    If you'd prefer to review the released questions group by topic, this file does just that.

    Review for Fall 2015 Retest

    Fall 2015 STAAR Algebra I Review


    You may not know this, but what is taught in Algebra I changed this year.  That means that what is tested has also changed, but not until Spring 2016.  So if you still need to pass the test, this will be your final chance before the test changes.  Working through this review should help you focus on the main topics to get you through it.


    We've taken the topics that appear the most on the test and gotten every released item for that topic.  There are 6-9 for each topic so you will have a chance to see all of the different ways that the topic has come up on tests.  The topics include some letters and numbers like A.6(B), but don't worry about that.  It's for your teachers.

    The list of topics is over on the left hand navigation.


    The idea is to focus on the topics that will get you through the test.  You should try to answer each question on your own before looking at hints or solutions.  You should also try to identify the similarities between all of the questions under a topic.  This will help you solve similar problems on the test.  

    We will try to point out key things to remember as well as some calculator strategies to solve problems.

    For best results work through each problem in a topic several times before moving on.  You may not have a chance to work on them again.  Try to pick up one or two main tips for each topic.


    Try to do all of the problems that look familiar to you.  In other words, do the easy ones first.  If a problem doesn't look familiar, skip it and come back to it later.

    Use your calculator!  Many problems can be answered just by graphing the equations or looking at the tables.

    You will need to get about 20 correct to pass so keep that in mind.  Try not to guess unless you have spent a long time on each item.  If you are going to guess, try to eliminate one or two choices first.

    Good luck on your exam!  You are going to do great!