• 2 instructors
  • 2 classes
  • 2 grades
  • high school credit and option to accept or decline college credit
  • no cost to families*

University of Texas at Austin OnRamps Dual Enrollment Partnership

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    OnRamps offers dual enrollment courses designed by the University of Texas at Austin faculty for high school students to engage in authentic college experiences and for their teachers to deepen their content knowledge and impact in the classroom. OnRamps students receive separate grades for high school and college courses. EPISD students can enroll at no cost. Together, we create dynamic experiences that advance student success while lowering barriers to access and opportunity.

    2022-2023 Year in Review

    Benefits of taking OnRamps courses

    UT Austin-designed dual-enrollment courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit within their own high school and with the support of their own teachers. At the end of the course, qualified students do not have to accept credit they do not want. This encourages students to challenge themselves academically without risk. Students can earn college credits at no cost* that transfer to public colleges and universities in Texas and beyond per the institution’s transfer policy.

    Higher GPA points are awarded in Tier I advanced courses to reflect the rigor of the curriculum. For example, a "100" in an OnRamps course equals 5.0 rather than 4.0 in a regular class. See Local Policy EIC for the letter grade conversion chart.

    *However, students and families wishing to order an official transcript are responsible for the $20 cost per copy.

    College Credit

    Students can earn transferable college credit through their OnRamps course. To be eligible for the opportunity to earn college credit, students must meet a minimum grade requirement in their college course or meet minimum scores on the TSIA 2.0, ACT, or SAT.

    Students who earn college credit have the choice to accept or decline the credit based on their college goals. Accepted credits will appear on an official university transcript with the final college letter grade, which may factor into a student’s college GPA depending on the college’s policies. Students who decline credit will not have a university transcript and declining credit has no impact on a student’s financial aid status.

    College credits earned with a grade of C- or above that fulfill Core Curriculum requirements are required by law to transfer to any public colleges or universities in Texas. Private and out-of-state colleges and universities have also accepted credit transfers, based on their varying policies. More information on college credit can be found on the OnRamps website.

    Student Eligibility

    OnRamps students are not asked to complete any college applications or tests to enroll. All students are welcome to register for an OnRamps course after they have finished the required high school courses. Students enroll at the local level, so classes are as accessible as any other high school offering.

    District Courses

    OnRamps courses are open to all EPISD high school students. Ask your school counselor about the OnRamps courses offered at your campus.

    Online Resources

    OnRamps Course Offerings

    OnRamps and College Credit

    OnRamps Course Credit Transferability: Each college or university evaluates transfer credit based on its own policies, which vary by school, college, and institution. In order to determine how OnRamps courses will transfer, if they will apply to a major or degree program, and if the grade will factor into the GPA, students must contact the higher education institution they plan to attend.

    Advanced Course Comparison

OnRamps Parent Flyer

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