Chief Manuel Chavira

Chief of Police

  • Chief Manuel Chavira took the oath of office on January 19, 2021, to become the permanent EPISD Chief of Police after spending nearly a year on the job as the interim.

    Chavira, a 9-year veteran of the EPISD Police Services Department and 31-year veteran of the El Paso Fire Department, was able to take on the oath after completing the certification process to become a full-fledged peace officer. 

    “It’s my honor to be able to serve the children and employees of EPISD in this role,” said Chavira, who, before being interim Chief, served the District as the Safe and Secure Schools Manager. “We have the task of making sure our students and facilities remain safe, a challenge I take seriously, and I know my officers and staff share this sentiment with me.”   

    The EPISD Police force is made up of 44 officers who work 24-hours a day, seven days a week to protect and serve the students and staff of the District, as well as all facilities. 

    For Chavira, who retired from the city’s fire department as the assistant chief before coming to EPISD, the task ahead is one that can best be described as a call to duty.

    As he speaks to his officers, he insists that they keep in mind four basic tenets of school security:

    - Be safe.
    - Be ready.
    - Cover all legal aspects of patrolling.
    - Provide outstanding customer service.

    “I know that if we follow this philosophy, we can meet our mission and vision statements of keeping safety and security a priority in EPISD,” Chavira said.

    The news of Chavira’s appointment as the permanent chief of police was a welcomed throughout the District. 

    Trustee Al Velarde, a retired El Paso Police Department officer, said he has known Chavira for decades and worked alongside him in responding to crime scenes.

    “He has done an outstanding job during his time in EPISD and when he was in the fire department,” Velarde said during Chavira’s oath ceremony. “I have nothing but respect for Chief Chavira … he’s a true professional.”