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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can apply to Austin's P-TECH?

    Any current 8th grader can apply.

    Does P-TECH take transfer students?

    Yes! In district AND out of district incoming 9th graders can apply to P-TECH.

    What do I have to do before enrolling in Austin’s

    Students within the EPISD district will have to complete the online application here.

    Transfer students will have to complete the online application here and then complete the EPISD transfer registration process by clicking here.

    How will I know if I am accepted to P-TECH?

    Students accepted into the program will receive an acceptance letter in the mail.

    Are there any entrance exams?

    No, there are no exams necessary. Taking the TSI2 is recommended, but not required. The TSI2 is a college entry exam that students will take in order to be able to take college credited courses. 

    Recommended study guides can be found by clicking here.