• Annual District Performance Report

    The intent of the Annual Performance Report is to inform the public about the educational performance of the district and its campuses.  The District must publish an annual report that includes several key elements.  TEC, §39.306, requires each district’s board of trustees to publish an annual report that includes the PDF Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) as well as additional information as outlined in the TAPR guidelines.  

  • 2022-2023 Annual Report & TAPR Presentation
  • 2022-2023 Board Annual Report & TAPR Summary
  • El Paso ISD presents a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school every year.  The report provides extensive information on the district and across campuses and is aligned to AIB (Legal). The report is updated annually as information and data is released by the state and federal agencies.


    The El Paso ISD Annual Summary Report includes information on the following components.

  • Accountability

    Texas provides annual academic accountability ratings to its public school districts, charters and schools as part of Senate Bill (SB) 1365, all districts and campuses will receive a label of A, B, C, or Not Rated. The ratings are based on performance on state standardized tests; graduation rates; and college, career, and military readiness outcomes.  The issuance of 2023 A–F ratings under the final 2023 rule is pending and subject to change based on judicial rulings.

    District Accreditation Status

    The Texas Education Agency awards an accreditation status to each public school district and charter school. The accreditation status is based on the academic accountability rating and financial ratings from the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas. 

    Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

    The Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), pull together a wide range of information annually on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas.  While the PDF version of the TAPR includes only major data points, the Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS) provides additional data in a comprehensive system to help inform stakeholders. Unlike TAPR, TPRS is updated on a rolling basis as data becomes available.  

    House Bill 3 Goals

    Per TEC §39.306(a)(8) the Annual Report must include the progress of the district and each campus in the district toward meeting the goals set in the district's:  (A) early childhood literacy and mathematics proficiency plans adopted under Section 11.185 (B) college, career, and military readiness plans adopted under Section 11.186. The district utilizes a dashboard to measure Progress Towards Meeting HB 3 Goals.

  • State & Federal Report Cards

    The school report card (SRC) combines accountability ratings, data from the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), and financial information to give a broad view of campus performance. Available for each campus in Texas, the SRC is intended specifically to inform parents and guardians about a school’s individual characteristics and its academic performance. 

    The federal report cards fall under the provision of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and requires each State education agency to prepare and publish an annual report card with state-, district- and campus-level data. For more information about the Federal Report Card and districts' responsibilities related to it, please visit the Title I, Part A webpage.

    District & Campus Improvement Plans

    El Paso ISD campuses have developed performance objectives and strategies aligned to campus comprehensive needs assessments as well as the District Strategic Blueprint.   El Paso ISD Campus Improvement teams monitor progress quarterly using the platform Plan for Learning.

    Strategic Blueprint

    The development of the Strategic Blueprint began in 2022 and is the district’s plan towards excellence. The Strategic Blueprint serves as an important measure of our effectiveness as a school system. The district will continue with regular progress monitoring and updates over the next 2 years to keep our organization moving in a positive direction.  Click on the links to access the Strategic Blueprint website and Strategic Blueprint pdf.