• EPISD has received funding from the Army’s Child, Youth and School Services for the Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood (AYPYN) program.  Three high schools and four middle schools with a high concentration of military family members receive AYPYN funding to support after school programs Monday through Friday. Both civilian and military students can participate in AYPYN programs, however, funding is solely based on participation of military family members.
    EPISD campuses participating in AYPYN are: Bassett, Canyon Hills, Hornedo, Ross and Richardson middle schools and Andress, Austin, Burges, Chapin and Franklin high schools.
    AYPYN provides funds, technical assistance, and training in support of effective after-school programs. High priority is placed on funding after-school programs that:
    -Support the academic needs of students who require extended learning opportunities to be academically successful at school and to demonstrate proficiency on local and state assessments
    Provide an assets-rich environment that builds protective factors and promotes resilience
    -Enrich schools' academic curricula with an emphasis on STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives
    Offer students the opportunity to participate in wellness/fitness activities
    -Enhance students' experiences with creative arts (e.g., drama, vocal and instrumental music, applied arts, and arts & crafts)
    -Engage students in environments where they can socialize, such as student unions and recreation centers