Military Family Engagement Liaison General Duties

    1. Information and Communication: The liaison serves as a point of contact for military families, relaying important information about deployments, training exercises, and other military-related events. They facilitate communication between the military unit and the families, keeping them informed about any changes or updates.

    2. Resource Referral: Military family engagement liaisons connect families with various support services and resources available both within the military community and in the civilian sector. They provide information on family counseling, child care services, educational resources, financial assistance programs, and other relevant resources.

    3. Family Readiness Programs: They help organize and coordinate family readiness programs and events designed to support military families. These programs might include workshops on topics like deployment preparation, stress management, financial planning, and relationship building.

    4. Advocacy: The liaison advocates for the needs and concerns of military families within the military command structure. They work to ensure that the voices of military families are heard and that their unique challenges are understood and addressed appropriately.

    5. Liaison with Support Organizations: They establish and maintain relationships with external support organizations, such as military spouse groups, veterans' organizations, and community agencies. This enables them to expand the network of resources available to military families and facilitate access to these services.

    6. Pre- and Post-Deployment Support: The liaison provides pre-deployment briefings to families, helping them understand what to expect during the deployment period and offering guidance on managing separation. They also assist with the reintegration process when service members return home, providing resources for readjustment and addressing any challenges faced by the family.