• HVAC Construction Menu Information

    Several campuses will be receiving HVAC upgrades this coming school year, which will require the kitchen and cafeteria to be temporarily closed until construction is complete. Construction will take several months.  Please see below as to how school breakfast and lunch will take place:

    1. Meals will be prepared off-site and transported to a pre-determined serving site at your campus.  The menu will be limited to one entrée daily (mostly hot and cold sandwiches).
    2. All foods must be prepackaged before they arrive at school for distribution.  This is required by the Health Department food safety codes.
    3. Students will continue to use their student id# in order to obtain a meal.  Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) will have tablets at each distribution site.
    4. There will be no cash sales at the meal distribution sites.  Adults purchasing meals must have a funded account through myschoolbucks.com. (Coronado and Hornedo students may give prepayments with checks or exact cash amount.  Change will not be available). 
    5. Snack bars will be closed.
    6. All meals must be consumed on campus and cannot be taken home.

    Intermediate Breakfast & Lunch Menu (During HVAC Construction)

    MS HS Breakfast & Lunch Menu (During HVAC Construction)

  • HVAC Construction Menu Schedule