Student Ambassadors

  • What are the benefits of becoming a student ambassador? 

    • They build support to help other students as they transition in and out of school. 
    • They improve the well-being of students through social connections and community service. 
    • They create a positive impact on all students through friendship, compassion and goodwill. 

    What does a student ambassador do? 

    • Welcomes new and military students to campus
    • Gives students welcome tours and/or welcome packet
    • Ensures that students eat lunch with a peer and helps them feel comfortable in their school
    • They introduce the student to the key staff and faculty that can help them with their transition challenges. 
    • They host social events and meetings as well as community service projects.
    • If a student moves, they provide a meaningful goodbye that creates a positive experience of their school.  
    • If a student needs support or additional assistance, they seek guidance from their sponsor to help the student with other school resources. 

    What are the student ambassador eligibility criteria?  

    • Any Franklin student in good standing who wants to help their peers and provide a positive experience of their school to others.
    • A student that wants to provide community service through their school. 

    For more information about the Franklin Student Ambassador program, please see our Military Family Liaison. 

Student Ambassador Team

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