• This spring, El Paso ISD is considering changes in school attendance zones beginning in the 2024-25 school year. Parents whose children live at addresses potentially affected will be contacted directly and invited to community meetings at their current school to learn about the impact of the proposed changes. Initially, only new students and current fifth and eighth-grade students as they transition to middle and high school would be impacted in the 2024-25 school year. All other students will be grandfathered.

    These meetings also will allow parents to provide feedback on the proposal, which will go to the Board of Trustees for consideration in March. The School Attendance Zone changes are being proposed to provide more continuity for students from elementary through high school feeder patterns and account for adjustments in population shifts within attendance zones.   


    If El Paso ISD is an open-enrollment district, why are these changes necessary? 

    School attendance zones are geographic areas that a district uses to assign children to schools. Students are guaranteed a seat in the school where their address is zoned. As an open enrollment school district, El Paso ISD accepts requests to attend other schools in the district. 


    How do I know if the School Attendance Zone changes affect my child? 

    Parents of students who may potentially be affected will be notified directly by the district. Click here to see if your address may potentially be impacted. 


    Where can I provide input?

    There will be a survey link posted on the Attendance Zone webpage or click here.


    Are we getting input from faculty and staff? 

    Yes. Faculty and staff may provide input on the survey, please click the link posted on the Attendance Zone webpage or click here.


    When will these proposed changes take effect? 

    Input provided by the community will be used to create a Final School Attendance Zone Recommendation Report that will be brought to the Board of Trustees for consideration in March. Approved changes would be implemented in the 2024-25 school year. 


    Is this a done deal? 

    No, the feedback from parents, from community meetings, and online will be gathered and incorporated into the final proposal to the Board of Trustees.  


    What if I prefer for my child to attend the school they were originally zoned to attend? 

    El Paso ISD is an open enrollment district. During the registration process, you can select the campus that best meets your needs. 


    How do the changes impact my child if he/she is on an approved transfer? 

    It won’t affect your child if you decide to attend another campus on a transfer request. 


    How will UIL eligibility affect student-athletes?  

    Click here for further information from UIL Section 442: Constitution and Contest Rules — University Interscholastic League (UIL) (uiltexas.org) 

    (Also review the next three FAQs)


    If the district approves a School Attendance Boundary/Zone change, will my 8th-grade child transitioning to their NEW zoned HS be 365'd for varsity athletics? 

    If a student attends a middle school as an 8th grader that is zoned to a high school the student is not 365, he/she is varsity eligible even if boundaries were recently changed. 


    If the district approves a School Attendance Boundary/Zone change, if we choose to send my 8th grade child to the previously zoned HS will my child be 365'd for varsity athletics? 

    Yes, unless the student enrolls in a Magnet program at the previously zoned high school. 


    If the district approves a School Attendance Boundary/Zone change, if my 10th-grade child transitions to the NEW zoned HS will he/she be 365'd for varsity athletics?  

    Any high school where a student has been continuously enrolled in for at least one school year becomes that student's "home school". Therefore, if a student moves to another high school after attending a high school for a year the student is 365 UNLESS the student moves into or lives in the new high School attendance zone. If the student lives in the attendance zone of the new school, he or she is attending the student is varsity eligible 15 days from enrollment UNLESS there is a red flag on the Previous Participation Form (PAPF) that would cause a DEC hearing. 


    Which streets/schools are being impacted? 

    All the information is posted and available for review on the Attendance Zones website. Click here to review them. 


    How is my child’s campus being affected by the proposed changes? 

    All the information is posted and available for review on the Attendance Zones website. Click here to review them. 


    How will this affect our military community? 

    The primary goal is to create neighborhood continuity and eliminate campus feeder pattern splits. Students that attend an elementary will be zoned to transition to the same middle school and high school. This proposal will only impact current 5th grade students transitioning to a different campus for middle school and current 8th grade students transitioning to high school.   


    If my 8th grader was accepted in a magnet program (example, P-Tech) outside of proposed attendance zone will they still be able to attend at Franklin?

    Yes, all students accepted in any magnet program may attend that campus.  In addition, any students outside of a magnet program may attend a campus outside their attendance zone.


    Was there a military-connected representative on the committee?



    What is the plan to keep siblings together at the same school, if my older child now goes to a different high school? 

    As an open enrollment district, students can attend the campus of their choice. 


    When will we have information about transportation that affects the proposed attendance zones?

    Pending approval of the proposed changes, bus routes should be posted by late June.


    Why do attendance zones matter if it is an open district?  

    Attendance zones ensure that students are guaranteed seat at the schools zoned to the address where they live. As an open enrollment school district, El Paso ISD gives students the choice to attend schools that best fit their needs. Parents can opt for a transfer to another school within the district during registration. 


    What about the students from Juarez? Do they just pick?

    No. Students attending one of our schools without a transfer must attend the school in which their address is zoned. If a student is seeking to attend an El Paso ISD school on a transfer, the open enrollment policy requires that the student live within El Paso County.


    Why are some areas, like Coronado/Mesita, seem to be getting the "more desired" addresses? 

    The School Attendance Zone Committee considered major thoroughfares and natural boundaries when developing its proposal and not specific addresses.


    In what other ways other than transportation, will affect for being in a transfer? 

    Some students may be impacted by UIL rules, please see the questions regarding UIL above.


    Why is El Paso ISD doing this now?  

    El Paso ISD has not made school attendance zone adjustments in more than a decade. The proposed changes reflect student-centered recommendations by Davis Demographics, which conducted a demographic study last year. The focus of the proposed changes is to avoid splitting feeder patterns and providing students with continuity from elementary through high school.


    Will students be forced to attend a specific campus such as Murphree PK8, if enrollment drops and students move on to another campus such as Mesita?

    No. The attendance zone adjustments are not related to low enrollment. Students will not be forced to attend a specific campus. El Paso ISD is an open enrollment school district and students can apply for transfers within the district with the except of the few campuses exceeding capacity.


    How can it be beneficial for a student to be transferred to a new school with little to no friends from elementary or middle school and be further away from home than the current school?  

    The goal is to keep students together from elementary through graduation. Parents can apply for a transfer should they want their child to attend the campus they were originally zoned to attend.


    Are the proposed changes related to and being done due to low student enrollment at some campuses?  What if the enrollment numbers drop at a school?

    No. The proposed changes provide continuity for students from pre-kinder and kindergarten through graduation by keeping feeder patterns aligned.  We do not anticipate a major shift in enrollment numbers because the attendance zone changes will be implemented over time.


    How will the proposed changes affect class sizes and when we will be notified of any increase or decrease in student enrollment numbers? 

    The proposed attendance zone changes only apply to those students transitioning to middle school (current 5th graders) and high school (current 8th graders) and new students. Students in all other grades are grandfathered until they reach 5th or 8th grade. We don’t anticipate a major shift in enrollment numbers because the attendance zone changes will be implemented over time.


    Will my child qualify for a bus with the proposed change?  

    Most changes that the SAZ project is recommending would have students still eligible for transportation services (this includes an assumption that there will be some type of grandfathering as far as bus service. That is one of the things we are planning for). However the area West of Hwy 54 and South of I-10 moving from Jefferson HS to Bowie HS would result in the Bowie HS students not qualifying for transportation services due to being with 2 miles of their campus.


    Will my child be eligible for transportation to the school he was previously assigned to under the previous zoning if he was accepted into a high school program only available at that high school (which we would no longer be assigned to if zones change)?


    If the student was attending a school other than their home school due to program location they would generally still qualify for transportation to a school that has the student’s program. However the attendance zone change may place them in an attendance area of a school that feeds to a different campus that has that program. An example of such a program would be P-Tech where they may fall in a different zone.