Freeze Day Schedule

Freeze day schedule

Freeze Day-March 20th

  • On Wednesday, March 20th, all students will go to a different classroom other than their normal schedule for testing.  Please have your student bring his/her laptop fully charged along with a charger, water bottle and snack. 

    All 11th graders will be taking their SAT test. 10th and 12th graders will be taking their TSI exam, and 9th graders will work on class work and prepare for their upcoming End of Course (EOC) exams. 

    Student lunches will be held at their regular time. 

    CCTE AM students need to report to Franklin, not CCTE.

    CCTE PM students will go to CCTE as usual.

    There will also be QR codes posted on campus so that students can look up what classroom they need to report to.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Ross at 915-236-2200 or email Ms. Ross at