• Franklin High School is committed to having each of its students become a responsible digital citizen in a world that is connected 24/7 by realizing the learning potential of digital media must be accomplished safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully. Every student will receive at least 3 hours of instruction each year to ensure a campus of responsible digital citizens.

    The project leads for digital citizenship have introduced the Common Sense Media lessons and structure of the program. Modeling of implementation was given to teachers. Ongoing conversations about digital citizenship are taking place in grade level PLCs.

    Teaching digital citizenship on our campus has brought a great deal of awareness to our students, parents, and staff. Students, especially, can be unaware of the impact their digital footprint can have on their lives. It has generated important conversations between parents and students, as well as students and teachers. Everyone has a better understanding of how to access and use the technology that surrounds us every day.

    Franklin High School considers our digital citizenship certification to be a badge of honor and a constant reminder to be knowledgeable of digital footprints.

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