• Vision Statement

    Hillside makes every effort to produce responsible and productive citizens.

    Mission Statement

    Every student has the opportunity to learn.


    Hillside Code of Honor

    1. Treat others and all property with respect.
    2. Walk on the right side of the hall.
    3. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    4. Come to school prepared.
    5. Use appropriate language at all times.

    The 3 B’s

    1. Be Responsible.
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Be Safe

    Ownership of Learning

    Know Yourself

    • Be self-aware. Find out your interests, passions, skills, and ambitions.

    Set Goals

    • Know what you need to achieve based on self-awareness.

    Be Motivated

    • Have the mindset to achieve your goals. 


    • Don’t give up, especially when something does not come easily to you.

    Monitor Performance

    • Know how well you are really doing. Gauge your true skill level.

    Ask for Help

    • Know when you are stuck, then get help. Don’t view this as a weakness.

    Show Self-Efficacy

    • Learn how to control the things you can control. Then control them.