• Welcome to Kohlberg Elementary
    Welcome to Olga B. Kohlberg Elementary School where our purpose is to prepare your child for college and life in the 21st century. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an environment that is safe and nurturing to ensure the academic success and personal development of each student. We are committed to providing a variety of teaching approaches to help each child grow in his/her own individual way.

    Kohlberg is a community school and fostering a sense of family is a priority. Parents are a child’s first teacher; therefore we believe the best learning environment is one in which parents, children and staff work collaboratively. As the old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” For this reason, we ask for your assistance and support in providing the best educational experiences possible. Research shows that parental involvement is high on the list of factors contributing to a student’s success in school.

    The Core Essential Values are an integral part of our community philosophy. To become productive citizens of the future, children need to develop a set of core values that will develop throughout their lives to guide their behavior and attitudes. This year, we will focus on ten core values that are the building blocks that form the foundation of character education. These building blocks are inseparable parts of a complete attitude that will help children achieve academically which will prepare them for their future college and career. Only through shared commitment can this goal become a reality.


    It's a GREAT DAY to be a Kohlberg Coyote!

    Michelle Pringle

Ms. Pringle
  • Michelle Pringle, Principal