Culinary Arts

  • First Year: Culinary Arts 1: HT3I00Y2W3 or HT3I0AY2W3HT3I0DY2W3 (Dual Credit)

    • Culinary Arts begins with the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking and the science of baking and includes management and production skills and techniques. Students can pursue a national sanitation certification or other appropriate industry certifications. This course is offered as a laboratory-based course.


    Second Year: Advanced Culinary Arts: HT4I00Y2 or HT4I0AY2 / HT4I0DY2 (Dual Credit)

    • Advanced Culinary Arts will extend content and enhance skills introduced in Culinary Arts by indepth instruction of industry-driven standards in order to prepare students for success in higher education, certifications, and/or immediate employment.


    Dual Credit

    This course offers an opportunity for Dual Credit or Articulated Credit in-conjunction with El Paso Community College (EPCC).

    The Dual credit courses are:

    Junior Year:

    • Sanitation & Safety [CHEF 1305]
    • Basic Food Preparation [CHEF 1301]

    Senior Year:

    • Fundamentals of Baking [PSTR 1301]
    • Saucier [CHEF 2302]

    Articulated courses allow a non Dual Credit student who earns an '85' or better to claim credit once they enroll at EPCC and file their degree plan in that specific field.



    A student in this Program of Study may earn an industry-recognized certification.

    Program Specific Certifications

    • Texas Department of Health Food Handler Certification


    • Serv-Safe National Certification

    For more information please see your CTE Counselor.



    Alvarez, Rosalva - Instructor [Website]

    Holcomb, Suzanne - Instructor [Website], Dual Credit 

    Marshall, Randi - Instructor, Dual Credit