Pharmacy Technician

Pharm Tech
  • First Year: HST Pharm HT4H4AY1 13020950

    Year long course/2.0 credits per semester

    Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry. 

    HST Math HT4H30Y1 13020970 Prerequisites: Geometry and Algebra II


    Second Year: HST Practicum 1 HT5H00Y2 13020500

    Year long course/2.0 credits per semester

    Prerequisites: Principles of Health Science, Health Science Theory, and Biology.

    The CCTE Pharmacy Technology program is a career and technology education pathway through the Center for Career and Technology Education with the El Paso Independent School district.  This course is designed to prepare high school seniors to become Certified Pharmacy Technicians.  Students must complete all junior year CCTE HST courses to be eligible for the program.     

    Curriculum includes:
    *Pharmacology-The study of pharmacy and pharmacy 
    *Drug Classifications, Indications for Use, Brand and 
      Generic Names
    *Pharmacy Calculations-Dimensional Analysis, Ratio 
      Proportion Methods, Flow rates, Alligations, Business 
    *Extemporaneous Compounding-The art of assembling 
      individual components into a usable drug including:  
      trituration, levigation, spatulation 

    Students are also given the opportunity to complete a clinical rotation in a local pharmacy.  


    Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take two certification exams, IV Certification exam and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.


    Ana Angerstein-Thompson, MLS, CPhT- Website