Sports med

Sports Medicine

  • The CCTE Sports Medicine program is a career and technology education pathway through the Center for Career and Technology Education with the El Paso Independent School district. This course is designed for students who have an interest in the medical field and will graduate from the program with foundational knowledge that will help them succeed in various fields of medicine including, but not limited to: Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Orthopedic Medicine, etc. Students must complete all junior year CCTE HST courses to be eligible for the program. Students are eligible to be placed in a clinical rotation at a local physical therapy clinic, UTEP Athletic Training, local HS Athletic Training, and more. Students compete in local, state, and national sports medicine competitions in addition to being eligible for HOSA.


    Year One

    · Essentials of Medical Terminology [HPRS 1206]

    · Essentials Medical Law & Ethics [HPRS 1205]

    · Introduction to Health Professions [HPRS 1201]

    · Wellness & Health Promotion [HPRS 1202]

    · Anatomy & Physiology (PreAP)


    Year Two

    · HST Practicum 1 (HT5H00Y2)

    · Standard Research/Design 1 & 2 (HT355051 & HT455051) 




    Physical Therapy Aid Certification (PTAC) – Cost is $109



    Benjamin Snyder MA, ATC, LAT


    Career and Technology Student Organization